Medical Affairs Planning Workshop


Our Medical Affairs Planning Workshops are designed to help your team set and achieve their goals by guiding them step by step through the process of designing a Medical, Launch or KOL plan.

Using a combination of training, workshops and individual and team coaching, we help and guide the team in designing or updating their plans. During the process, the team will gain knowledge and understanding of the planning process. They will put this knowledge to work immediately during the workshops and homework, leading to a solid, realistic and impactful plan.

We guide your team through the planning process, resulting in an achievable plan with impact.

The workshops will empower and create buy-in, establishing a happy, focused and motivated team with a purposeful plan.

The workshops are suitable for products in all phases of the life cycle. We ensure alignment with the Brand Plan and Global Plans.

For an example of a Medical Plan Workshop trajectory, please click here.


*If necessary, we will provide Medical Plan and KOL plan templates, which can be customized.