Customized training for Medical Affairs Teams Рalso available online 

The School of Medical Affairs provides customized training and workshops to enhance the impact of the Medical Affairs Department by increasing skill and knowledge, empowering MSLs and Medical Advisors to maximize and demonstrate their added value for all stakeholders.

Depending on the circumstances and your preferences, we do the trainings live on location or live-online.

We can also provide e-learnings to enhance the learning experience.

Hard and soft skills

During the training, we work on both the knowledge and the skills necessary to successfully fulfil Medical Affairs responsibilities. We start with discussing the WHY and HOW of the task, and then follow up with theory and practical exercises on the accompanying skill. For examples of possible combinations of knowledge and skill, have a look at our modules.

The set up of the training ensures that the participant can put their learned knowledge and skill into practice immediately.

The trainings increase the efficiency, confidence and impact of the MSLs and Medical Advisors of the Medical Affairs Department.

Interactive training with real life examples 

Interaction is an important component of our training: we will create a safe environment where all members of the team can ask questions, practice and learn.

All examples and case studies are based on real life situations in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also possible to bring your own case study to the training so that we can use those for our exercises.

Medical Affairs Journeys – training, coaching, workshops

We can also help you and your team with writing your Medical, Launch or KOL plan. We do this by combining training, workshops and coaching. The end result is an impactful plan and an empowered team, who can do it all by themselves next time. You can find more information on this here.


Each module develops one specific responsibility of MSLs, Medical Advisors and Medical Managers.

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The School of Medical Affairs is founded by two very experienced trainers, who each have their own expertise.

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